Established in 1995, JXF Trading Corp. has followed our top principle of Quality & Style, aiming to provide products with best value and quality to our clients. As a trading company, we have developed gradually and steadily throughout the years. Our business has grown from OEM to export and now also being the agents of many prestigious brands around the world. We have 30 years of experience in OEM, 20 years experience in export and another 10 years in import and channel management in Taiwan market. Our staff is dedicated and work hard to meet our clients’ satisfaction.


We have long and stable partnership with manufacturers specializing in all different fields, including plastic, metal, leather, wood, glass and ceramic crafts process; and we also have great sources in cosmetic and automatic parts manufacture. In order to fulfill our clients’ requirement, we also have great supply of high-technology electric components and materials to our cooperated manufacturers in Taiwan, China and other Asian countries; then export the complete products to Japan, US and Europe.

 After years of experience in cooperation with designers from other countries; and manufacturing and exporting Fun & Function products to our clients, we have the ambition to introduce high quality products into Taiwan. Thus, our brand, 4U4U was invented, bearing the core values of Up-to-date, Unique, Upbeat and Unlimited. The product lines of 4U4U include our own inventions as well as selected imported brands from our long-term partners from other countries. The following is a list of our general acting brands:


Global Arrow & Dual Style – Japan, household and lifestyle stuff.

Tea Forte – U.S., exclusive teas and tea wares.

Galantino – Italy, hand-picked pressed olive oils and balsamic vinegar.

Castel de Paolis – Italy, Ancient Roman brewing technique wines and grappa.

Spice Mind – Himalaya’s natural rock salt.


Having our startup in Taiwan, we are now extending the business to Chinese market.

Having our startup in Taiwan, we are now extending the business to Chinese market.


In order to provide the best service to our great clients, we have developed a great system of sourcing, marketing and distributors in Taiwan and China in a various fields. We insist in developing a good communication with our clients for carrying out the best design and quality, and high volume sales of your products.


Work with us, JXF Trading Corp. promise you up-to-date design and products with superior quality!

Established in:1995
Annual Sales:USD2,000,000
Business Type:OEM Manufacturer ODM Manufacturer Exporter/Agent Distributor
Markets:North America West Europe East Asia
Main Products: Household Manufacturers, Houseware Suppliers, furnitruing Manufacturing, Bag & Wallet, Name Tag, Book Weight, rainwear, leather goods, frame, key chain, bottles, vases, Pot, Spray, Bathroom Appliances, Beauty & Health, Wine Cooler, Outdoor, Leisure.
No. of Employee:20
Contact Detail
CEO:Frankie Twu
Address:7F, No.6-10, Sec.2 Shuang Shi Rd.,Banqiao,New Taipei City 22043, Taiwan
Email:info@jxf.com.tw , jxf.trading@msa.hinet.net